Roof Lanterns in Earley

Our roof lanterns provide an attractive way of increasing the light, ventilation, and performance of your Earley home. These innovatively-designed roof window systems give you modern features, enhanced views, and a sense of space in your home.

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Aluminium Roof Lanterns in Earley

Aluminium Roof Lanterns give you the dual benefit of their strength. The first is obviously a safer home since they can’t be damaged easily. The second is their sleek and modern appearance. These beautiful roof windows offer a slim profile and frames. As a result, your roof window can accommodate more glazing for that area.

They are also crafted to give you exceptional heat performance and cutting-edge features. These include smart ventilation, internal drainage, easy opening if you need it, and a durable structure that lasts you years.

In fact, these roof lanterns from leading names like Ultrasky, Atlas Roof Solutions, and Eurocell will most definitely help improve the performance of your Earley home dramatically. These beautiful roof windows will help keep your home warm, which you will see reflected in your heating bills. They also add to the overall security of your home, in addition to adding to the appearance of your home.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Earley


roof lanterns Earley

Stylish Design

With our roof lanterns, your home gets a stylish feature that also provides improved natural illumination and air circulation.

Aluminium lantern roofs Earley

Tailored Look

Choose your look to get a traditional or a modern look for your roof lanterns, depending on your property style for a seamless match.

lantern roofs Earley

Durable Fittings

Get the power of aluminium clad in uPVC for roof lanterns that are stronger and lighter. Moreover, they last your years with little care.

Aluminium roof lantern prices Earley

Great Choice

We bring you stunning roof lanterns from leading names like Ultrasky, Atlas, and Eurocell so you get a better selection to choose from.

Aluminium lanterns Earley

Fantastic Quality

Our roof lanterns are made by reputable manufacturers using the latest innovations and technology for high quality and durability.

glass lantern roof Earley

Glazing Variety

Choose our standard energy saving double glazing with a Low-E glass, or opt for solar reflecting, tinted or obscured glass.


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Aluminium Roof Lanterns

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Bespoke Features for Your Roof Lanterns

Each property in Earley has its own set of requirements. This means that your home might need a unique set of specifications. This is why we offer a selection of features for our roof lanterns so that you can pick the ones you want.

Colour Choices

Our roof lanterns offer a wide selection of colours. We even have wood grain finishes in case you want that timber look to be consistent throughout your property. In fact, you can style your roof lanterns so that they can easily blend in with your home, whether it is traditional or modern.

Glazing Choices

Double glazing plays a vital role in the thermal performance of roof windows. This is why we give you a selection of glass and glazing options to choose from. Our standard glazing is a high-performing Low-E, Argon-filled double glazing.

However, we also offer solar reflecting glass from Four Seasons. This keeps out the sun’s heat while letting in light. Additionally, we also have tinted and obscured glass, giving you the freedom to choose the type that you find most suitable.

Bespoke Roof Lanterns, Earley

Opening Roof Lanterns

You may not want your roof windows to remain shut at all times. If you want opening windows, we offer easy ways for you to do so. You can opt for electronically-operated windows. These can be activated either by a switch or even through temperature and rain sensors.

Usability Features

To keep the air inside your rooms fresh and low-humidity, we fit our roof lanterns with a ventilated ridge. This ensures that your home does not get any condensation or the resulting mould.

The roof lanterns also protect you from any leakage or rainwater seepage with tight seals. However, if any water does manage to come in, we provide an internal drainage system to catch it and direct it outside into the gutter. As a result, you never have to worry about water damage in your home.

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Choice of Styles

We offer a comprehensive range of styles to choose from. Each and every option offers unique benefits depending on your requirements.

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Slim Sightlines

Because of the strength of aluminium, our roof lanterns come with a slimmer frame so you get more glazing, better views and more sunlight.

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Custom Options

Choose your colour, finish, glazing, and even features to get the roof lantern that fits with your home and meets your requirements.

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Simplified Opening

Choose an automatic opening system that can be with a switch or optional temperature and thermostatic controls for stress-free usage.

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Drainage Built In

We provide a smart internal drainage system that catches any unanticipated leaks before they end up causing water damage.

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Thermal Performance

Our roof lanterns are designed and installed for optimal thermal performance, keeping your home warm in the coldest weather.

Roof Lantern Prices in Earley

We offer stunningly attractive prices for roof lanterns in Earley and the neighbouring areas. You can even get a quote for your needs extremely easily.

You can use our online quote calculator to get a free and easy roof lantern price estimate. Alternatively, you can contact us with your questions and we’ll give you the help you require.

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