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Aluminium roof lanterns could become the new centrepiece of your Thatcham home. Roof lanterns are vaulted glass skylights that turn a part of your roof into a fully glazed opening to the sky. They allow natural sunlight to pour into your interior, illuminating your living space. Enjoy a spectacular overhead view, too, as the slimline aluminium profiles go around the glazing.

Roof lanterns do more than looking good for your Thatcham home, though. Roof lanterns don’t just brighten up the inside of your home; they can also make your living space feel more open and welcoming. On top of that, our roof lanterns also offer fantastic insulation. Thanks to their double glazing panels utilised in their design, they are capable of making your property more energy-efficient. They achieve this by trapping and retaining the natural heat inside your home, keeping your interior warm without the need or cost of switching on the central heating.

At Abbey, we’re proud to offer aluminium roof lanterns from leading suppliers for your Thatcham home. We offer our Classic roof design, and we’ve partnered up with Ultraframe, Atlas and Eurocell to offer their roof lantern options. As a trusted local installer, we can fit them with shorter wait times, more personalised service and lower prices!

Wide Range of Glazing Options

Our aluminium roof lanterns are mainly comprised of double glazing for your Thatcham home. However, we can allow you to customise your glass with a comprehensive range of styles too. Many of our designs have energy saving Low-E glass, filled with argon gas to prevent condensation and deliver outstanding insulation.

Colours and Accessories

Our aluminium roof lanterns are a convenient option for homes in Thatcham too. You can get roof lantern designs that are electronically operated, and they can use temperature or rain sensors to know when to shut the lid. Because of this, you’ll open up your home to nature but close it off when nature turns on you. We also offer colours and accessories for the design!

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Unique Ventilated Ridge

Our aluminium roof lanterns have a ventilated ridge which allows fresh air to enter your home. Not only that, the ridge can allow heat inside your home to escape on hot summer days, making your living space far more comfortable.

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Substantial Aluminium Structure

We only use premium-grade aluminium in our roof lanterns. Inherently robust and durable, aluminium can withstand all weather conditions and has exceptional strength. As a result, you could use our roof lanterns as a work platform.

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Minimal Thickness Framework

Aluminium can retain its strength even in slimline shapes. Because of this, we fit our aluminium roof lanterns with incredibly sleek aluminium profiles. As a result, the glazing area is increased, allowing for more natural light

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Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium roof lanterns have thermal claddings on both the interior and exterior roof bars. Along with the advanced double glazing panels and aluminium profiles, this ensures that your home will have thermal efficiency.

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Internal Drainage System

You can also protect your Thatcham home from the weather with our aluminium roof lanterns. We supply designs with internal drainage systems that redirect water away from your roof, reducing wear, tear and water ingress.

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Optimum Light Allowance

Our aluminium roof lanterns can breathe new life into your Thatcham home. With our combination of slimline aluminium frames, expansive double glazing and innovative design, natural light will flow throughout

Classic Roof

Our Classic roof lanterns aren’t stuck in the past. Instead, they have the modern design features to improve the performance of your Thatcham home. With a profile of structurally sound aluminium clad with insulating uPVC covers, which will ensure warmth whilst a protruding external cill and gutter will diligently keep any nasty water away from sensitive areas in your home. Our classic roofs can also be automated and manually controlled, giving you the ease of automatic operation that will act accordingly or allowing you the precise control of your roof lantern.

Ideal for larger roof lanterns when ventilation is a concern.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof

Enjoy a leading design for your Thatcham home, as we have partnered with market leaders Ultrasky. Their aluminium roof lanterns are a flagship product of the leading conservatory manufacturer, a quality property piece for homeowners looking to truly renovate their home with something worthwhile. This design lets light burst into your home with slimline glazing bars. Available from 1×1.5m to 1.5mx5.85m, they can be expansive for your home as well.

Please note that this is a non-vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Ideal for contemporary designs.

Atlas Roof Lanterns

We also supply Atlas’s aluminium roof lanterns for homes in Thatcham. With extra strong rafters, these designs achieve incredible strength, and there’s no need for tie bars that get in the way of the glass. You can also choose from several glazing styles that can reduce solar gain and improve thermal efficiency for your home.

Please note that this is a non-vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Ideal when looking for narrow frame detail such as small to medium sized roofs.

Eurocell Skypods

Eurocell’s range of Skypods are fantastic to look at and affordable to install. Clever and neat, Eurocell’s designs are sleek and streamlined with a range of glazing and colour options to suit you. You can also install Skypods of up to 2.75×2.75m for your home, ensuring you can create a roof lantern that catches the eye.

Please note that this is a non vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Best value for money option.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices Thatcham

If you’d like to install aluminium roof lanterns for your Thatcham home, get in touch with Abbey! We can offer you an instant online price that is competitive and bespoke to you.

Alternatively, you can ask our friendly team any questions via our online contact form, and an expert will respond as soon as they can.

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