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We install Planitherm glass which is one of the toughest glass on the market. It offers plenty of strength alongside a robust thermal barrier, so natural heat can be retained in your home. You can feel confident that this will help to ward off intruders, keeping you and your family safe in the long term.

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Energy Efficiency

With energy prices skyrocketing, there has never been a more important time to save money on energy bills. This will help give you a warm and comfortable temperature all year round.

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Thermal Insulation and Reduced Overheating

With Eco Homeguard Secure, you get two benefits in one. You will take advantage of better thermal insulation and extra overheating. The central pane helps keep your home warmer, as it can reach low U values of 1.0W/m2.K. This helps save on energy bills.

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Homeguard Double Glazing

When you choose Homeguard Double Glazing for your aluminium products, this will help you get the benefits of triple glazing without paying extortionate energy bills. We offer this double glazing at an affordable price, enhancing the performance of your aluminium windows.

All of Homeguard’s windows use standard double glazing that ensures you will get a design that is right for you. What sets it apart is that it helps give you the benefits of triple glazing with a double-glazing appearance. It does this by using a 6.4mm clear laminated glass outer panel and a 4mm inner panel to lock heat and keep cold out. This helps you save on energy bills over time.

Other benefits include better thermal efficiency and heightened security. Feel assured that you will stay safe for many years.

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Highly Insulating

Feel confident that Eco Homeguard Security will help your aluminium products become better insulated over time. What’s more, this innovative double glazing can be customised to fit in any product, from aluminium windows to doors, ensuring it is a popular choice for any home.

The double glazing has a similar impact to triple glazing. The windows are A+ rated for thermal efficiency and come with  low U values of 1.2W/m2K, making it easier to save on your energy bills.

Heightened Security

At Abbey Aluminium, our designs are Secured by Desing accredited which is a police backed initiative that ensures every home is safe to live in. The designs offer tough laminated glass which makes it impossible for intruders to break in, resulting in a safer home for you to live in.

The double glazing stands out because it has toughened laminated glass, which ensures that intruders won’t be able to break in. Unlike normal glass, Homeguard’s double glazing stays in place, ensuring maximum security. When you choose Homeguard Double Glazing, feel assured that your home will be safer over time.


While it is a popular claim that double glazing and triple glazing can help reduce soundwaves, at Abbey Windows we have discovered a way that is much more effective. Homeguard Double Glazing is one of the key ways to soundproof homes in Reading and the surrounding areas.

It helps reduce the traffic noise from the outside, so you can feel assured that the inside of your home will be a peaceful retreat from everyday life.

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Eco Homeguard Security Explained

Our Eco Homeguard Secure glazing is created with a 6.8mm outer pane that meets Secured by Design‘s police approved standards. This helps protect your home from forced entry attempts, so you and your family can be safer throughout the year.

But that’s not all, because a thermally efficient spacer bar and inner solar pane block 99% of UV rays. This results in a warmer home while saving on energy bills in the process.

Our Favourite Features of Eco Homeguard Security

Feel confident that Ecoguard home security is more secure than ripple glazing because it has a laminated outer pane. As a result, you can feel assured that this helps give you the best of both worlds.

Not only that but combined with the durability and long lifespan of aluminium, our Eco Homeguard Secure double glazing is a suitable choice for homeowners. Choosing double glazing over triple glazing helps put less strain on the hardware, ensuring a longer-lasting product. As a result, this will give you a better investment over time.

More Features

We know there are some aesthetic benefits when you choose Eco Homeguard Secure. The glazing has fewer panes separating the glass, helping give you clear panoramic views of your garden.

What’s more, we also understand that solar gain is an issue in the summer months, as your furniture can fade over time. By blocking 99% of UV rays, you can feel confident that the furniture will stay protected throughout the year.

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If you are looking to keep your home energy efficient and secure, talk to us about our Eco Homeguard Secure double glazing.

With plenty of benefits,  you can feel confident that this double glazing will give you peace of mind and help reduce your energy bills.

To get in touch with us, call us at 0118 907 1401 or fill in our online contact form. We will answer any questions you might have.

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