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Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Aluminium roof lanterns are a modern, stylish and high performance way to guarantee natural light floods into your Reading home. This revolutionary ceiling window system offers exceptional views and increased height to ensure a bright, spacious feel to any room in which they are installed.

We offer unbeatable aluminium roof lanterns, featuring cutting edge quality by design. These roof lanterns excel in all areas, guaranteeing home enhancing standards of design, performance and aesthetic to achieve satisfaction across the board.

Versatile in aesthetic and installation, all of our aluminium roof lanterns can be easily fitted to both modern and traditional homes. This ensures that all homeowners can enhance their home with ease, benefiting from the very best in aluminium design.

Wide Range of Glazing Options

To ensure you get the perfect glass for your property, we offer a comprehensive range of styles. All of our options offer certain unique benefits, with energy saving Low E, argon filled glass used as standard to maintain outstanding thermal efficiency.

Solar reflecting glass from Four Seasons helps to reduce heat ingress by reflecting the sun’s warmth away from your home in times of hot weather. We also offer tinted and obscured glass, allowing you to enjoy your aluminium roof lantern in a way that perfectly suits you.

Colours and Accessories

To guarantee ease of use, all of our aluminium roof lanterns can be electronically operated, either from a switch, temperature or rain sensors. This accessory enables you to enjoy all the benefits of modern innovation in a way that effortlessly enhances your home.

You can also decorate your aluminium roof lantern in a wide range of colours and wood effects, this means that we can easily accommodate for all ranges of property types, both modern and traditional.

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Unique Ventilated Ridge

Our aluminium roof lanterns feature an intelligently crafted, ventilated ridge that allows for a high-performance standard of ventilation. This ensures warm and humid air is able to escape, preventing condensation and mould.

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Substantial Aluminium Structure

The high grade aluminium used throughout our aluminium lantern roofs offers an outstanding degree of inherent robustness and rigidity. It can also be used as a platform should you ever have to do any work above the roof.

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Minimal Thickness Framework

As an incredibly slimline material, aluminium achieves a frame that greatly reduces bulk. This allows for a large surface area of glass, ensuring exceptional views and a substantial amount of natural light allowance for a much brighter room.

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Thermally Efficient

By installing thermal claddings to both the interior and exterior of the roof bars, we offer an aluminium roof lantern that greatly reduces the heat loss of your property. This maintains a warmer home and reduced heating bills.

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Internal Drainage System

To ensure outstanding weather protection, we utilise an innovative internal draining system to capture potential leaks and direct them into the gutter. This protects your home from damage and makes sure your lantern roof upholds its performance.

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Optimum Light Allowance

The combination of high quality glass, large glass surface area and a slim aluminium profile allows our aluminium roof lantern to illuminate any room in which they are installed. Breathe new life into any room and enjoy the comfort only quality can bring.

Classic Roof

Our Classic Roof is produced from structurally sound aluminium, which is then clad with insulating uPVC covers both internally and externally.  This product is commonly used within our conservatories and incorporates integral drainage and a clever vented ridge system.  

As heat and humidity rise, the void within the roof can capture it. This can lead to possible issues with condensation and damp. Our Classic Roof also includes a protruding external cill and gutter to help keep water away from important seals.  We even place an outlet at the nearest corner to your roof drainage to speed the course of rainwater off your roof.

Whilst the correct glass type often avoids the need to do so, we can also offer manually and electronically opening roof lights. We also offer optional temperature and thermostatic controls which allow for automatic closing when the weather changes.

Ideal for larger roof lanterns when ventilation is a concern.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof

Ultrasky is a stunning roof lantern system from leading conservatory manufacturer Ultraframe. This modern feature has been designed with light in mind.  Reduced size glazing bars and less of them has allowed us to supply a glass-dominated rooflight.

Ranging in size from 1m x 1.5m to 1.5m x 5.85m and in a variety of coloured frames, all with the option of white for a light and airy interior colour.

Please note that this is a non-vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Ideal for contemporary designs.

Atlas Roof Lanterns

Our Atlas Roof Lanterns feature extra strong rafters which achieve unrivalled strength, whilst consisting of a design that reduces the need for unsightly tie bars. Our roofs are complemented with a wide selection of glass choices for solar reflection, both self-cleaning and insulation, and are available in a wide range of colours and wood effects.

Please note that this is a non-vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Ideal when looking for narrow frame detail such as small to medium sized roofs.

Eurocell Skypods

Skypods are cost effective, clever and neat with a number of features helping to cover joins for a crisp, sleek and minimalist addition to your build.  Our glass options as ever help with every requirement.

There are some limitations of design but with sizes up to 2.75m x 7.75m we can help you realise virtually any home improvement vision with Skypod.

Please note that this is a non vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Best value for money option.


We recommend that you always talk to us well in advance.  Our advice could assist your builder and roofer prepare a suitable opening detail, ready for a leak free roof light.

Blue tinted glass helps create a ‘sunny day’ ambience and is a lighter tint than other tinted glasses.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices

To enhance your home with a high-quality aluminium roof lantern, simply get in touch with us via our online enquiry form. Here, a member of our friendly team will be able to provide you with a free, instant and online price.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our online contact form should your require any information regarding installation and pricing.

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