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A distinctive addition that is ideal for homes in Fleet and the neighbourhood is aluminium roof lanterns. Roof lanterns are a form of window attached to the ceiling of a conservatory or other flat roof, and they typically have substantial amounts of double glazing. Your new addition will make it possible for a dim and dreary space to become light and airy after it is installed.

You will benefit from more natural light coming into your property. As was previously stated, this can drastically alter your property. Your home will appear to be much larger for family and guests because of the optical illusion of more space produced by the influx of natural light.

Your new roof lantern, which has cutting-edge double glass and a multichambered aluminium frame, will assist your home in trapping and retaining heat. This will help you save money on expenses while keeping your Fleet property warmer.

We work with Ultraframe, Atlas and Eurocell. This helps us ensure that our customers will gain from a high-performing and long-lasting addition to their homes. Look at our costing calculator to get a free online quote.




Wide Range of Glazing Options

While our lantern skylights come standard with excellent double glazing, we also have a variety of customisable glazing options that can be used to make your new addition really unique. Our designs use condensation-free Low-E glass that saves energy and is filled with argon gas. Additionally, this glass design provides excellent insulation.

Colours and Accessories

Our aluminium roof lights are available in a wide range of colours and styles to match your home. Choose the colour that would look the best in your house, and if you like, you can choose lantern skylights that are electrically opened. These cutting-edge installations employ weather and temperature sensors to determine when to close. Choose from many alternatives.

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Unique Ventilated Ridge

Our aluminium roof lanterns have a vented crest to let fresh air enter your home. This ensures that on a hot summer day, cool air will be able to enter your home.

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Substantial Aluminium Structure

Our lantern skylights are built to be strong and long-lasting since we use high grade aluminium in their construction. Because aluminium resists corrosion, it can tolerate the wettest conditions.

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Minimal Thickness Framework

Large panels of glazing can be supported by aluminium while still preserving thin sightlines because aluminium is so robust. Our roof lanterns have a slim, streamlined design. As a result, making them a perfect fit for traditional or modern residences alike.

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Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium roof lanterns have a very effective thermal coating on the inside and exterior roof bars. This produces a product that will aid in retaining heat in your home during the coldest seasons when combined with double glazing panels.

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Internal Drainage System

Our lantern skylights have an integrated drainage system to help keep your Fleet property dry and stop water damage. This prevents any water from getting on your roof and eliminates the need for pricey maintenance.

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Optimum Light Allowance

Your home will be significantly brighter if you replace your roof with glazing and cut a hole in it. A home is known to appear larger and feel more spacious when there is an abundance of natural light.

Classic Roof

Our Classic Roof might be of interest to you if you’re searching for a sizable lantern roof. These glass roofs will radically transform your living area, making it feel much bigger and brighter. Modern design elements prevent a greenhouse feel. You will gain from great performance with an aluminium-clad profile and insulating uPVC coverings.

When ventilation is a factor, it is ideal for larger roof lanterns.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof Marlow

Abbey is pleased to offer Ultraframe’s premium Ultrasky lantern skylight as a result of our partnership with Ultraframe. Any home would benefit from having this aluminium roof lantern as its focal point. Visitors to your property will be astonished beyond belief. We provide something for every household in Fleet, with diameters ranging from 11.5m to 1.55.85m and with slimline bars.

Please be aware that this is a non-vented product. Therefore, you should check the building codes to see whether you need to provide additional ventilation for the roof space.

Perfect for modern designs.

Atlas Roof Lanterns

We also take great pride in installing Atlas’ aluminium roof lanterns. This product is exceptionally strong and lasting because it was built using extra-strong rafters. Regular maintenance will no longer be necessary, and your new addition will continue to look brand new for years to come. With a variety of glazing options, you may enhance your home’s energy efficiency while reducing sun glare.

Perfect for finding narrow frame details on small to medium-sized roofs.

Eurocell Skypods

Consider our Eurocell Skypods if you’re seeking a cheap aluminium roof lantern solution. These lantern skylights are simplified and affordable for all budget sizes while providing excellent performance. We are certain that we can build a centrepiece decoration for your home, with sizes ranging up to 2.75×2.75m.

Please be aware that this product is not vented, and you must determine whether other ventilation must be provided for the roof space by consulting the building codes.

Best value for money.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices Fleet

 Get in touch with Abbey if you’re ready to upgrade your house with a lantern skylight. You can acquire a quote that is precise for your needs by looking at our online costing tool.




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