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Are you looking for an accessory that will benefit your Finchampstead home? Here at Abbey, we offer roof lanterns, which are a perfect addition to your home. Roof lanterns are a calming addition to your home because they let in plenty of natural light, but they can bring exciting new energy too.

A roof lantern provides a stunning look visually because wherever you install it, it keeps your home warmer for longer. We work with Ultraframe, Atlas, and Eurocell so you can be confident that you will get high quality and stunning products.

Installing a roof lantern will improve the look of your house both inside and out because it can give off a beautiful look and excite visitors and everyone who sees it. This, in turn, will add value to your home, so it’s very useful if you want to move house because it will attract potential buyers.








Wide Range of Glazing Options

For your Finchampstead home to stay protected and perform for longer periods, we use double glazing as standard. However, there are some alternative glazing options as well, which could be helpful. For example, Low E glass is an eco friendly glass because it uses argon gas, a thermally efficient gas that fills the space beneath the panes. This helps trap loose air.

Colours and Accessories

At Abbey, we offer a bespoke style for every Finchampstead homeowner. This is because we can offer our lanterns with a wide range of colours and accessories, so your lantern stands out. Whatever you choose, you can feel confident that they will match your personality. Choose from Brown, Clear, Blue or Aqua so your lantern can blend seamlessly into your home. We also offer a range of accessories, for instance, a rain sensor which detects rain and knows when to shut.

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Unique Ventilated Ridge

Our lanterns are fitted with a ventilated ridge so hot air can be easily let out. It allows a continuous flow of fresh air which prevents condensation, mould, and draught spots. This will help your property become cleaner.

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Substantial Aluminium Structure

When you select one of our lantern roofs, you can be sure that they are strong and durable. This is useful because it helps protect your home against even the worst weather conditions.

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Minimal Thickness Framework

One benefit of aluminium roof lanterns is that they are very sturdy and can hold large glazing panels. This helps the roof have a beautiful slim look that is pleasing to the eye.

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Thermally Efficient

Your aluminium lantern is equipped with a thermal bar and strong double glazing. This gives it the ultimate protection against freezing conditions because it keeps your house warmer for longer.

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Internal Drainage System

When the weather in Finchampstead is rainy, mould and water ingress can damage your home. However, your brand new lantern has an internal drainage system that shifts water away from your roof. This means it won’t get ruined.

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Optimum Light Allowance

When you add a double glazed roof lantern into your home, it will make it much brighter. This helps create a calm atmosphere that will boost your mood. When natural light floods into your home, it enhances the space. You and your family can be comfortable all year round.

Classic Roof

A classic roof is a perfect option if you’re worried about ventilation. It offers double glazing and lets natural lighting in your room, therefore creating a brighter space. It’s bolstered by an aluminium profile with uPVC covers, benefitting from high performance and a strong insulator.

Perfect for larger roof lanterns where ventilation is a problem.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof Marlow

We are partners with Ultraframe and are pleased to offer their Ultrasky skylight. This lantern is very useful for both modern conservatories and orangeries because it comprises a slick modern feel that lets the light come flooding in.

Please note that as this is a non vented product, you must consult Building Regulations to see if you can produce roof ventilation somewhere else.


Perfect for a modern look

Atlas Roof Lanterns

We are proud to install the Atlas roof lantern as well. It’s a show stopper with a beautiful aesthetic and suitable for any home in Finchampstead. Visitors will be wowed by this lantern’s features. The lantern is a light and airy accessory that’s reliable and durable. It can look brand new for years and is perfect if you are looking for a small or medium sized roof.

An ideal option for small or medium sized roofs

Eurocell Skypods

You can also choose a Eurocell Skypod lantern. This revolutionary lantern can boost your home’s value because it gives you plenty of natural light and clean lines. This leads to a sleek aesthetic that also helps make the room look bigger. You even have the option of choosing from a range of colours, and two or three bar gable pitched styles. The choice is yours.

Please note that this is a non vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Better value for money.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices Finchampstead

If you want to boost your property with a roof lantern, reach out to Abbey today.

When you look at our online costing tool, you can get an instant price that suits your needs.




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