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Market Leading Aluminium Doors in Southcote

Abbey Aluminium are proud to be installers of the best Aluminium Doors in Southcote. As a home improvement product, the aluminium door outperforms the competition, delivering unrivalled aesthetics and a range of practical benefits.

We work with respected suppliers Origin and AluK for our aluminium door range. This includes Front Doors as well as Patio, French and Bi-Folding Doors. All our aluminium doors can be unified alongside each other, offering a stylish finish for your home in Southcote.

What’s more, our range of aluminium doors come fitted with the latest door technology available. This includes the most secure locking systems on the market, and finger safety gaskets to prevent any nasty injuries. They’re the ultimate home improvement product for you and your family.

Despite delivering a variety of practical benefits, Abbey’s aluminium doors aren’t just for modern homes, thanks to a wide array of different colour and accessory options. As a result, you can maintain the feel of a period home while improving its thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.

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Slim Sightlines

Despite being a naturally lightweight metal, aluminium is more robust than just about any other regularly traded building material. By being so rigid, our aluminium doors can use slimmer sight lines than uPVC alternatives. This allows more light into your home through our accredited double glazing.

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Improved Security Levels

Through this natural rigidity, aluminium doors provide unrivalled levels of home security. For total peace of mind, we include Yale grade locking systems with all our aluminium doors. These are widely considered to be the highest quality locks you can buy. With this, your family can rest easy.

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Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium doors provide exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. This will keep your home warm during winter but will also provide ventilation during the hotter months. This could lead to lower energy bills, as less heating will be needed to keep your home warm. This could lead to a lower carbon footprint too.

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Low Maintenance

Among its many benefits, aluminium also requires very little aftercare once it’s fitted. This means you won’t have to spend an unnecessary amount of time maintaining your aluminium doors when you come to Abbey. All you’ll need to do after the installation is to keep the moving mechanisms free of excess dust.

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Tailored to You

Whatever style of aluminium door you opt for, you’ll have total control of the customisation. You can choose from a range of high performance RAL colours, whether you’re looking for something subtle or something more eye catching. You can also customise all the accessories and configurations.

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Doors made from other materials may not provide your home with the weatherproof you’re after. With one of Abbey’s aluminium doors, you’ll be totally protected from the elements, while your possessions will also be safe from any water damage. Your home will be protected against damp spots as well.

Colour Options

Below are some of our standard colour options in stock.
We do have over 150 RAL colours available in dual colour options for complete freedom of choice.

slate grey finish
Slate Grey
anthracite grey finish
Anthracite Grey
black grey finish
Black Grey
jet black finish
Jet Black
dark silver finish
Dark Silver
white finish
Hipca White
natural oak finish
Natural Oak
golden oak finish
Golden Oak
mahogany finish
walnut finish

Colour Options for Aluminium Doors

Available in a broad array of different colours, your new aluminium doors can be entirely unique. We offer a range of wood grain finishes to match older properties, as well as minimalist shades for modern homes too. Combine the perfect colour with our range of stunning accessory options.

Abbey Aluminium – A Reliable Installer

When looking to make home renovations, you want an installer you can trust. We at Abbey have over 30 years of industry experience and take pride in being one of the first aluminium installers to fit in Southcote and the surrounding areas.

What’s more, we always look to offer our customers competitive pricing with all our aluminium products. We don’t believe in pricing our customers out of making home renovations, so ensure that we are offering affordable home improvement products.

We are approved members of the Double Glazing Network, ensuring that the glass used in all our aluminium doors is of the highest standard. We have also been members of the Buy With Confidence scheme for over ten years, and are certified by FENSA.

As a result, you know from the off that Abbey Aluminium are the most reliable installer for you in Southcote. We take pride in delivering a superb level of customer service, offering support and advice every step of the way. Our highly qualified installers are friendly and professional.

Aluminium Door Styles

Aluminium Doors Prices Southcote

If you’re interested in getting a free guide price for your new aluminium doors, then you can use our online quoting engine today. It will provide an estimated cost for your home improvements and can be used on any device, wherever you are.

For any other questions about Abbey Aluminium’s services, you get in contact directly by leaving us your details on our online form. We’ll reach out to you at a time that suits your schedule. For anything more immediate, you can call us on 0118 907 1401.

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