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Aluminium Roof Lanterns Marlow

Aluminium roof lanterns are a unique home improvement that is perfect for homes in Marlow and the surrounding areas. Featuring vast portions of double glazing, roof lanterns are a type of window installed to the ceiling of a conservatory or other flat roof. Once in place, your new addition will allow a dark and dingy room to become bright and airy.

With the installation of an aluminium roof lantern, you will benefit from increased levels of natural light within your home. As mentioned, this can completely transform your property. Family and friends will feel as though your living space is much larger, all thanks to the illusion of extra space created by the influx of natural light.

Supplied by market leading manufacturers, our lantern skylights not only look good but also perform to the highest levels. Featuring advanced double glazing and a multichambered aluminium frame, you will find that your new roof lantern helps your home trap and retain heat. This will keep your Marlow property warm, helping you save money on bills.

As mentioned, we are proud to work with Ultraframe, Atlas and Eurocell. By offering these premium products, we can ensure that our customers will benefit from a high performing and durable addition to their homes. To get a free online quote today, please take a look at our costing tool.

Wide Range of Glazing Options

While we offer premium double glazing in our lantern skylights as standard, we also have a range of customisable glazing options that can be used to make your new addition truly yours. Our designs include energy saving Low-E glass that is filled with argon gas to prevent condensation. This glass style also offers outstanding insulation.

Colours and Accessories

In order to ensure that we have something to match all homes in Marlow, we offer our aluminium roof lanterns in a range of colours with accessories. Choose what colour would best match your home while also opting for electronically opened lantern skylights if you wish. These innovative installations use temperature and rain sensors to know when to close. The options are endless.

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Unique Ventilated Ridge

To allow fresh air to circulate your home, our aluminium roof lanterns contain a ventilated ridge. This also works to ensure that any excess hot air can escape your property on a hot summers day.

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Substantial Aluminium Structure

By using premium grade aluminium in the design of our lantern skylights, we can ensure that they are inherently strong and durable. Aluminium is corrosion resistant, allowing it to withstand the worst of the wet weather.

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Minimal Thickness Framework

Because aluminium is so strong, it can be used to support large panels of glazing whilst still maintaining slim sightlines. Because of this, our roof lanterns have a sleek, slim aesthetic that is sure to suit all homes, whether modern or traditional.

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Thermally Efficient

With thermal claddings on the interior and exterior roof bars, our aluminium roof lanterns are extremely thermally efficient. This, paired with panels of double glazing, creates a product that will help your home trap heat through even the coldest of weather.

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Internal Drainage System

To help keep your Marlow property dry and prevent damage caused by water ingress, our lantern skylights feature an internal drainage system. This redirects any water away from your roof, reducing the need for costly upkeep.

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Optimum Light Allowance

By opening up your roof and replacing it with glazing, your home will be much brighter. An influx of natural light is known to make a home feel much bigger, creating the illusion of extra space.

Classic Roof

If you are looking for a large lantern roof, you may be interested in our Classic Roof. Featuring modern design features to prevent that greenhouse feel, these glass roofs will completely transform your living space, making it feel much bigger and brighter. Featuring an aluminium clad profile with insulating uPVC covers, you will benefit from high performance.

Ideal for larger roof lanterns when ventilation is a concern.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof Marlow

At Abbey, we are proud to partner with Ultraframe to offer their premium Ultrasky lantern skylight. This aluminium roof lantern is a centrepiece installation for any home. Guests that visit your property will be truly stunned. Featuring slimline bars and coming in sizes from 1×1.5m to 1.5×5.85m, we have something for all homeowners in Marlow.

Please note that this is a non-vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Ideal for contemporary designs.

Atlas Roof Lanterns

We are also proud installers of Atlas’s aluminium roof lantern. Designed and created with extra strong rafters, this product is incredibly strong and durable. Regular upkeep will be a thing of the past, and your new addition will remain looking brand new for decades to come. With several glazing styles to choose from, you can reduce solar glare whilst improving the thermal efficiency of your home.

Ideal when looking for narrow frame detail such as small to medium sized roofs.

Eurocell Skypods

If you are looking for an affordable aluminium roof lantern solution, you may like to consider our Eurocell Skypods. Affordable to budgets of all sizes, these lantern skylights are sleek and streamlined while offering premium performance. Coming in a range of sizes up to 2.75×2.75m, we are certain that we can create a centrepiece decoration within your home.

Please note that this is a non vented product and you need to consult Building Regulations as to whether you need to provide roof space ventilation elsewhere.

Best value for money option.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices Marlow

If you are ready to enhance your home with a lantern skylight, please get in touch with us at Abbey today.

By taking a look at our online costing tool, you can get a price that is accurate to your needs.

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