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Roof Lanterns in Calcot

We give you roof lanterns that are as impressive-looking as they are good at providing light and ventilation to your Calcot home. These modern roof windows will give your home state-of-the-art features, spectacular views, and a brighter space inside your rooms.

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Aluminium Roof Lanterns in Calcot

Aluminium Roof Lanterns don’t just give you a strong window for more light in your Calcot home. These roof windows systems can also give your property a clean and modern design feature that will become a talking point. The slim profile and frames of these windows give you a sleek style that will help improve the aesthetics of your property.

With the thermal efficiency and advanced features that these roof lanterns offer, you will get a comfortable home in all weathers. It will also be well-ventilated with gorgeous views due to the larger glazed areas. Other features that you get with these roof windows are internal drainage, easy opening, and amazing durability.

We bring you aluminium roof lanterns from industry-leading names like Ultrasky, Atlas Roof Solutions, and Eurocell. As a result, your Calcot home will see a boost in performance and style. These secure and insulated windows will make your home a warmer and safer place to live in.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Calcot


roof lanterns Calcot

Sleek Style

With the sleek and clean style of our roof lanterns, your Calcot home will enjoy enhanced lighting and improved ventilation.

Aluminium lantern roofs Calcot

Custom Roof Windows

Choose from a host of options to tailor your roof lanterns to your taste and your property’s aesthetics for a consistent style.

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Our lantern roofs combine aluminium with uPVC to give you sturdy yet light windows that will last you many years with minimal care.

Aluminium roof lantern prices Calcot

Superb Choice

Our collection of aluminium roof lanterns is brought to you from names like Ultrasky, Atlas, and Eurocell to give you more choice.

Aluminium lanterns Calcot

Premium Quality

We bring you double glazed roof lanterns from leading names to give you the highest possible quality at a competitive price.

glass lantern roof Calcot

Glazing Options

Choose our standard energy saving double glazing with a Low-E glass, or opt for solar reflecting, tinted or obscured glass.


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Aluminium Roof Lanterns

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Tailored Performance for Your Roof Lanterns

Every homeowner wants their property to match their taste. This is why we give you a complete spectrum of options for your roof lanterns. This allows you to style your roof windows to your needs.

Colour Options

We give you a vast palette of colours for your roof lanterns so your roof window systems can match the colour of your property as well as your décor. We even offer a series of realistic woodgrain finishes so you can maintain the timber aesthetic of your Calcot home.

Glazing Options

Since your choice of glazing can drastically affect the performance of your aluminium roof lanterns, we give you a comprehensive selection from which you can choose. We offer both glass designs as well as glazing options like high-performance Low-E, or Argon-filled double glazing.

We also offer solar reflecting glass from Four Seasons, which lets in light without over-heating your rooms. We also offer tinted, obscured, and textured glass for the most suitable options for you.

Bespoke Roof Lanterns, Calcot

Opening Roof Lanterns

You may not want your roof windows to remain shut at all times. If you want opening windows, we offer easy ways for you to do so. You can opt for electronically-operated windows. These can be activated either by a switch or even through temperature and rain sensors.

Usability Features

Ventilation and humidity-control are essential for a healthy home without damp or mould. This is why we give you aluminium roof lanterns that are fitted with a ventilated ridge. We also offer tight seals to stop rainwater seepage, as well as internal drainage systems that redirect any moisture outside if it does manage to find its way in.

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Stunning Choice

We offer such a vast variety of roof lanterns styles with their own benefits that you will be spoiled for choice for your Calcot home.

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Narrow Sightlines

Our strong aluminium roof lanterns come with slim frames that give you more glazed area, leading to more light and a better view.

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Personalised Options

We give you the freedom to choose the colour, finish, glazing, as well as the performance features of your roof lantern so you get the perfect fit.

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Customised Opening

You can choose an easier opening mechanism with our automatic opening system that can be switch-operated or use temperature or thermostatic controls.

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Damp Protection

With our clever internal drainage system, our aluminium roof lanterns can easily redirect any moisture or leaks out so they can't cause damage inside.

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Heat Efficient

We give you double glazed roof lanterns that give you amazing insulation, so your Calcot home stays at a comfortable temperature even in the most inclement of British weather.

Roof Lantern Prices in Calcot

We give you amazingly competitive roof lantern prices for your home in Calcot and the surrounding areas. We even offer a quick and easy online quoting engine for an instant roof lantern quote.

You can also contact us using our online contact form or call us on 0118 907 1401 for your roof lantern estimate.

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