Aluminium Sliding Doors Basingstoke

Break down the barriers between your Basingstoke home and garden with our stunning Aluminium Sliding Doors.

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Aluminium Sliding Doors Basingstoke

With aluminium sliding doors, you can break down the barriers of your Basingstoke home. Too often, we feel disconnected from the outside world in our homes. However, aluminium sliding doors use full panels of double glazing and slimline frames to let natural light flow through into your home. Also, you get slim sightlines and gorgeous views of your garden.

However, that’s just when they’re closed. When you open aluminium sliding doors, you push them along an in-line slider, which means they effortlessly disappear into the corner of the room. That means they have no swing arc, and they’re more simple and affordable than bi-fold doors while achieving similar performance.

At Abbey, we’re proud to offer aluminium sliding doors from AluK and Notus in Basingstoke. These two companies are some of the UK’s leading designers, and we’re happy to offer their models. Also, you’ll get them from a trusted local installer, meaning more personalised service. We’ll test every component, and our 10-year guarantee covers you should anything not be perfect.

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Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our Aluminium Sliding Doors bring both practicality and thermal efficiency to your Basingstoke home.

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Improved Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium sliding doors are ideal for all conditions. That’s because you can open them to cool your home in the summer, but you can close them to warm up in winter. These doors are thermally efficient designs, with double glazing and aluminium frames that improve your home’s insulation. The two panes of glass in your doors trap more of your home’s natural heat, creating a thermal barrier. That way, you can stay warm while spending less on your heating bills!


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Bespoke Design

With Abbey’s aluminium sliding doors, you won’t have to settle on any part of the design for your Basingstoke home. That’s because all of our doors are bespoke designs. We don’t believe anybody should get doors that have to look like all the others. As a result, we’ve created a range of customisable options that makes getting your dream doors a reality. You can choose the size, shape and style of the doors, and from 150 colour combinations.


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Exceptional Durability

Aluminium sliding doors are a superb investment for your home. That’s because these are durable designs which will last for decades. The double glazing can perform for years to come, while aluminium can retain its strength for up to half a century. Aluminium sliding doors are fully weatherproof for your Basingstoke home. That means they won’t warp, crack, twist or even scratch in any conditions. With advanced weather-tight seals, they’ll protect you 24/7.

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Innovative Design

With aluminium sliding doors, you can add more space to your home. The doors operate on an in-line slider, meaning they have no swing arc. However, that innovative design also allows you to open the door smoothly for thousands of uses, thanks to the durable aluminium frames. The aluminium will protect the hardware and hinges inside your door from rust and wear. As a result, none of the parts in your door will rust or wear down for years to come.

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Enhanced Security

You can get peace of mind with aluminium sliding doors, too. At Abbey, we value lots of things, but security is always at the top of that list. That’s why the aluminium sliding doors we offer for homes in Basingstoke will all come packed with security features to keep you safe. Your doors will have multi-point locking systems to fasten the glass to the frame, as well as an in-line slider that is anti-crowbar. And, with aluminium frames, your doors will be impact-resistant as well.

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Accessible For All

The best thing about aluminium sliding doors is that they benefit everybody. Their open, slim design allows natural light to flow through your home, making it warmer and more welcoming. And, when you open the doors, you get a seamless transition between home and garden. However, you can make your new doors even more accessible with a low-threshold option. This design reduces the clearance of your entrance to make it accessible for wheelchairs and prams!


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Triple Track Aluminium Sliding Doors

With Abbey, you can also invest in triple track aluminium sliding doors for your Basingstoke home. Triple track doors have three separate sections which you can open individually. That way, you get more possibilities in how you use the doors and ventilate your living space. But, when you open them, you won’t have to worry about the doors being awkward.

They fit behind each other seamlessly, to the point where it’s hard to tell you’ve got more than one. Not only that, the slimline frames and glass sections blend to make your doors feel like an uninterrupted glass wall. You can get stunning sightlines and gorgeous views of the outside world, making your home feel at one with nature.

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Aluminium Sliding Door Prices Basingstoke

Discover Abbey’s aluminium sliding doors today by using our online quoting engine. With this interactive tool, you can pick out your dream doors and get a quote in seconds for the design!

If you’d like to find out more about how our aluminium sliding doors enhance your home in Basingstoke, get in touch with Abbey today. Use our online contact form or call 0118 907 1401!

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