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Aluminium Doors Thatcham

Aluminium doors are a step up for any home in Thatcham. With their metallic sheen and superb strength, aluminium doors look brilliant and perform brilliantly. Aluminium doors will bring a range of benefits to your Thatcham home, including improved insulation, full weather protection and outstanding security. As a result, you get a door that does it all for your home, and does it for decades.

If you have old timber doors, then aluminium is the ideal replacement. While wood can crack and twist over time, or in bad weather, our aluminium doors can last for decades to come. You could get a brand-new entrance for your home that lasts for up to half a century. Not only that, you won’t have to carry out any regular maintenance on the design.

When you choose Abbey Aluminium for new doors in Thatcham, you can get them for less as well. We’re proud to be a local installer of aluminium doors in Thatcham and the surrounding areas, and that means we can offer our designs at competitive prices. Your installers will also be able to help you create your ideal doors with our range of customisable options, and they’ll provide personalised service.

With our range of colours, accessories and hardware, our doors are what you make of them. And, with Abbey, you can design your dream door with ease through the help of our dedicated experts. We can also help you enhance your home in other ways, including our aluminium windows, aluminium bi-fold doors, and aluminium roof lanterns.

Benefits of Aluminium Doors

Our aluminium doors can transform your home in Thatcham, making it more comfortable and thermally efficient. Give your home a new lease of life with our aluminium doors today!

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Improved Thermal Efficiency

With new aluminium doors, you can improve the insulation of your Thatcham home. Aluminium is a dense material, meaning less cold air can pass through your door and less warm air can escape outside.

As a result, you can improve how much energy you keep inside your home, and you can reduce your overall energy usage. As a result, you’ll save money on your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

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Customisable Options

At Abbey, we believe everybody should be able to enjoy bespoke aluminium doors in Thatcham. And, with our vast range of customisable handles, side panels, additional locking systems and colours, you can!

It’s easy to design a dream door for your home with the help of our friendly team. You can choose from over 150 RAL colours to add a splash of personality, while we always offer high-quality hardware to suit your needs.

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Durable Hardware

Our aluminium doors come with robust hardware. Behind the aluminium frame lies a range of features that make sure your door can perform brilliantly for decades. For example, robust handles and locking systems keep you safe from burglars.

You can also rely on what’s inside your door to stand the test of time. Aluminium doors are fully weatherproof, meaning no part of your door will rust or wear down. It’s why our doors don’t require regular maintenance!

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With fully weatherproof aluminium, our doors can keep your Thatcham home warm and dry. Unlike wooden doors, which warp and bend out of shape, our doors will keep their shape and strength for decades to come.

Abbey’s aluminium doors are both air and water-tight for your Thatcham home, preventing problems like draughts and damp spots. Additionally, the colours you choose for your doors won’t fade for decades, meaning you can choose yours confidently.

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Enhanced Security

Abbey’s number one priority is your security. So, with our aluminium doors, we set out to protect your Thatcham home from any threats. We’ve made sure your door comes fitted with fully tested security hardware to keep what matters most safe.

For example, our doors come with multi-point locking mechanisms which stop intruders separating the glass panels in your door from the frame. And, with robust handles, resilient hinges and finger-safe gaskets, you’ll be safe from any issues.

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10 Year Guarantee

As a trusted local installer of aluminium doors in Thatcham, we’re proud of what we do at Abbey. So, if any of our doors don’t meet our high standards, you won’t have to lose out because of our mistake.

Instead, we cover all of our aluminium doors under a comprehensive 10-year guarantee, protecting you and your Thatcham home. As a result, you can invest in one of our bespoke aluminium doors in Thatcham with total peace of mind.


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Aluminium Door Prices Thatcham

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